Good restaurants for vegetarian near me

My friend is a vegan, she comes from Australia and she is travelling to Hanoi. She is looking for a good vegetarian restaurant in my Captital, so I write this article to let her and other vegan travellers know “Good restaurants for vegetarian near me”.

How to make others understand you are Vegan in Vietnamese? and how to find pure vegetarian food?. Keep reading to find out the best, traditional, as well as unique vegan food near you when you come to Hanoi!

Now, let’s see what and where to eat in Hanoi. To be honest, it’s not that easy to be vegan in my city as some of you may have imagined, Hanoi doesn’t have many vegetarian restaurants. But, with my experience and knowledge, i will try my best to help you find the best place.I can’t say for other cities in Vietnam because i live in Hanoi.

1. Minh Chay restaurants

The first restaurant I want to recommend is Minh Chay. There are 3 restaurants in Hanoi, 56B Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi; 9 Au Trieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi and 45 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi. Many travellers come here can’t forget Minh Chay Vegan Pho.

Beside Chinese Brocoli fried with shiitake mushrooms, Bread with vegan pâté, Steamed Rice Rolls… Minh Chay has hot pot options, with Thailand hot pot, mushroom hot pot and mix hot pot, with reasonable price from 200,000 VND to 400,000 VND. These hot pots can be a witty choice in winter to against the cold outside. Waiters and waitresses are so friendly.

2. Loving Hut restaurants

Hanoi has several Loving Hut restaurants. There are two in total in this capital city of Vietnam, but I and my family have only been to this one (Thế Giới Chay).

In Loving Hut, all the dishes and everything there are vegan. There are some fresh vegan products here and other is frozen. but it is still delicious. Similar to other veggie places in Hanoi, this restaurant serves Vietnamese food. This restaurant can be quite busy around lunchtime, but don’t worry, there are more seats upstairs. If you ever come with a group of friends, you may want to try order a few side dishes to eat with rice. It’s always fun to be able to try and share different dishes.

3. Zenith Yoga Studio II & Café

Zenith Yoga Studio II & Café is a vegetarian restaurant near the Hanoi’s Old Quarter in the Hoan Kiem district. I think it is a nice place. It’s small, but friendly. It’s an ideal place to hang out with friends while eating. As the name suggests, this is a yoga studio, but it’s upstairs and the café area is downstairs.

The food is fresh and using organic ingredients with little oil, not to fat. Morever, it is next to Hoan Kiem Lake, so you can rest or chat with your friends in a very nice place. Since the cafe is vegetarian with raw and vegan offerings, there are many new custumers come and they all like this restaurant.

4. Cơm Chay Mây Trắng

Cơm Chay Mây Trắng is a organic vegan restaurant in Hanoi, hidden away in West Lake. The restaurant is very nice, simple but so cozy: with bamboo chairs, open-air, fresh food, friendly atmosphere… Their dishes are very fresh and good for health with organic ingredients sourced from Vietnamese farmers. The owner is very kind she makes sure that everything is vegan! You can just order the noodles and others. If you find any difficulties, the owner and waiters will help you.

5. Bo De Tam

Bo De Tam is a Buddhism-influent restaurant in Hanoi, since the name of the restaurant Bo De Tam means “The heart of Buddha”. There are 2 restaurants: 1 at 68 Pham Huy Thong Street and 1 at 89 Nguyen Khuyen Street. Specially, Bo De Ram has bamboo chairs and table, it looks like ancient Vietnamese houses.

This restaurant is famous for swallow soup, which brings you the energy needed for refresh, and their vegan meal is very delicous. Although the price here is a little bit higher than other restaurants, it still attracts customers because of their unique dishes and ancient atmosphere.

These are some good vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi near my house. You can find others on google if you need, but you can believe me, the top of 5 restaurants I have recommended are so good and their food is fresh, natural and healthy.


Good restaurants for vegetarian near me
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