The best vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi

Vietnam has a rich culinary tradition and it influenced by the country’s cultural roots and regional diversity, bringing forth the best of Vietnamese cuisine. If you ask me where the best restaurant in Hanoi is, forgive me, i don’t have any answers for you. But, i can tell you a list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi, the beautiful capital of my country!

Starting from Buddhism, vegetarianism has now become a new culinary trend in Vietnamese cuisine. Vegetarian food can provide nutrients to help the body become healthy and avoiding many diseases.

Vegetarian food in Hanoi is very rich in taste and processing. In each restaurant, vegetarian food is made with different traditional recipes. Even in the same city, vegetarian restaurants serve diners with different cuisines. But i can make sure that the similarities in these vegetarian meals everywhere are that there is no meat,  very green vegetables and organic food. It is nutritious and healthy foods.

1. MinhChay

 It is located in Hanoi area, Minh Chay serves fresh and natutral vegan dishes bursting with flavor and offers a warm interior that can make you feel at home. Minh Chay uses the best ingredients in their vegan dishes, which include tofu and mock meat dishes and others such as veg beef noodle soup or hot pot, vegan shrimp. The staff is friendly and kind.

Minh chay was opend in 2016 with 3 restaurants in 56B Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi; 9 Au Trieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi and 45 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi. Minh Chay’s founder is a vegan. Eating vegetarian food for 20 years, they fully understand all the benefit of natural diet brings to human.  The price is suitable for everyone, from 20 -30 USD/meal (6 people). You should try once when you come to Hanoi.

2. Phat Truong Tho

Phat Truong Tho is a quite famous vegan and vegetarian restaurant belong to local Buddhists; it is located near the West Lake. The special decoration of this restaurant is two large gold statutes of Buddha outside.

There are some kind of vegan food on the menu such as mock meat dishes, lemongrass ‘chicken’ or hot pot, with hot pot, here served as a vegan version. The Buddhist chants as background music makes the restaurant’s atmosphere.

3. An Phúc

An Phuc is an authentic vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi with an exciting menu that includes many dishes such as fried banana flowers, sautéed gourd shooting, mock fish, fried aubergines, or lemongrass tofu with tomato sauce, and maize pancakes. Their specialties are Thai hot pot and chicken noodle soup, every traveller likes this restaurant so much. They also have a large selection of local fresh juices. This is a peaceful restaurant with a pleasant ambiance, perfect place for you!

4. Bo De restaurant

Bo De restaurant is a family vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi. The variety menu changes every day and it always has something to love for everyone, from fresh vegetables to rice dishes and noodle soups. No fake meats and too much oil, all the dishes are pure vegetarian from nature. The competent chef uses only the freshest ingredients to make their high quality dishes to taste very delicious, all served at reasonable prices, everyone likes it. Bo De restaurant’s special tea with panda leaf is something visitors must try.

5. Loving Hut

It served Vietnamese fresh food, seasonally inspired vegan meals offering a variety of healthy dishes and they are suitable for all diets. The menu here is extensive, and range from vegan prok, vegan chiken or ribs, and Chinese vegetable-based food, or fresh Vietnamese dishes, vegetarian pho. This is a great place to have a vegan lunch or dinner.

When you and your friends come to a Loving hut restaurant, you will immediately feel the warm welcome from their staffs and the medium to small size of the place gives them a friendly and home alike feel. Loving Hut bringd sauces dishes from different types of mushroom, Asian tofu …

Although there are some good vegetarian restaurants in this place, the vegetarian culture is almost non-existent in Hanoi street food. So you should find a suitable restaurant and enjoy your meal!


The best vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi
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