Vegetarian Restaurants in Vietnam

Vegetarian dishes are not only loved by delicious, nutritious but also by the purity of the dish. On any given day of the month, you can enjoy the delicious vegetarian dishes at the following vegetarian restaurants in order to change the taste and help your body and soul more relaxed. Let’s look at the delicious vegetarian restaurants in Vietnam as follows:

1. Minh Chay restaurant

Hanoi in particular and in Vietnam in general, it is not difficult to find a vegetarian restaurant. When vegetarianism is not only a trend but also a great enlightenment, and vegetarian restaurants are more and more known. Minh Chay restaurant is one of them. However, with Minh Chay, there is something very separate and different.

The unique point of Minh Chay is not only for business purposes, but also as a place to share experiences from the owners who have been vegetarian for over 20 years.

In addition, the variety of menus is a great thing you can find at Minh Chay Restaurant. With a variety of ingredients, Minh Chay creates delicious Vietnamese cuisine, from aperitifs, main dishes to vegetarian dishes inspired by European cuisine. With each dish, the chef always balances the absolute quality and quantity, combines with the wonderful aesthetics in decorating and creating a differentce only in Minh Chay.

Where do you find Minh Chay?

At present, Minh Chay restaurant has 3 branches:

  • 9 Au Trieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • 56B Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • 45 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Visit for further information

2. Loving Hut Vegetarian restaurant

Vegetarian Buffet Loving Hut has a quiet space, a traditional, hidden and luxurious beauty from the first look. This is the familiar address of vegetarian people in Hanoi with a variety of prices. The restaurant serves vegetarian buffet on lunch time of the first and the full moon day at the price of 100 thousand VND / person – the price is quite soft compared to the price of the common buffet in Hanoi.

Buffet of the restaurant has more than 25 dishes including many dishes such as sticky rice, stir-fried noodle, sushi, fried fish, fried bamboo shoots, sesame shrimp; beef vegetarian with lemon …all are processed skillfully.

The vegetarian dishes are both delicious and nutritious for health.

3. Hieu Sinh restaurant

Hieu Sinh Vegetarian Restaurant is located on Quang Ba Street, overlooking the romantic West Lake. This place will bring guests the moments of relaxation, calm and peace to help you forget stresses and life’s exhaustion. It is said that Hieu Sinh is one of the delicious vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi with nice space and suitable for those who like frugal and safe.

Serving vegetarian buffet on 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar, the menu is more diverse with 35 dishes, including soups (mixed mushrooms, pumpkin soup), dishes such as rolled Pho, Spring roll, salad, sushi, Sichuan bean, fried beef with many things and other restaurant dishes.

The restaurant uses fresh vegetables, raw materials from nature, pure, especially limits the use of industrial food to produce delicious, nutritious and safe foods.

The taste mixes between a lot of ingredients that makes you feel the deliciousness of these dishes

4. Cơm Chay Nhất Tâm

The restaurant has over 25 dishes for you to choose.

Nhat Tam vegetarian buffet is traditional Vietnamese food such as mushroom porridge, traditional rolls, spring rolls, vegetarian veggies, grilled chayote, fried bean paste, vegetarian Chung cakes, even some special dishes such as nem chua vegetarian, spring rolls, sticky rice with sweetened soup. All dishes is cooked by the restaurant so the taste is quite impressive.

4. Bồ Đề Tâm

This restaurant has always been a favorite place for people to enjoy the elegant space and food with more than 40 dishes. In addition, the food is very sophisticated and beautiful. There are plenty of meditation spaces for you to keep in mind. You can choose quiet indoor space, open space or open space near nature to enjoy the pure, green of nature around you.

The menu of vegetarian rice, this place also makes us feel curious with the dishes that have feel the taste purity and nourishing features when hearing their name, such as: Súp bát tiên, Đậu cuốn măng tây, Canh dưỡng sinh, Đại an tâm, Phúc tuệ song tu, Đại cát tường, Lẩu nấm ngũ linh hạ thảo ….The quality of the dishes here deserves to be in top of the delicious buffet restaurant in Hanoi.



Vegetarian Restaurants in Vietnam
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